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Building Design and Drafting

MOB: 0408 988 316

House Plan Darwin

A house is made of blocks and beams. A Home is made of love and dreams.

Yes, building a new Home requires all of the important aspects to have been well thought through, prepared and organized long before the first truck rolls onto Site.

At Viking West we pride ourselves on our innovative ability to take your ideas and transform them into a buildable reality.
A home must be comfortable and Live-able. It should enhance, facilitate and promote the aspirations and lifestyle of it’s owners. Home should be a place where you re-energise and propagate the positivity that can then spread through all other aspects of life.
At Viking West, Designing your new Home is as much about producing a Building that looks amazing as it is about understanding the expectations of those who will call it Home.

I started my little Business/ Viking West –  with a dream of utilizing my creative abilities in a way that could potentially be of some benefit to others. I still feel the same way today. I love my job.

For the best Service in Darwin when it comes to Building Design and Drafting, please contact me.

Thankyou. Jesper Sorensen.