The Client Comes First

Our aim at Viking West is to Building Design Darwin which are cost effective, beautiful and functional. Because there are numerous ways of achieving this for any one project, the client comes first every time. We take what the proposed owner of the building is imparting and transform it into a project which they can be proud of. Proud, not only to own – but also to have inspired.
At the end of the day, it is the owner/ client that must be the most satisfied with the product. Some clients have a depth of detail they would like included in their design, while others look at our previous projects and are happy for us to advise and produce something that will work based simply upon discussions regarding “what type of things they like”.
Here at Viking West Building Design we have over 18 years experience in the design of buildings. We have a proud record of producing projects that inspire pride. Our portfolio consists of all types of projects; residential, commercial, industrial. We offer premium design and drafting at very competitive rates. Please send us an email for a free consultation/ quote.

Thank You,

(Jesper Sorensen/- Business Owner and Designer/ Draftsman)