Darwin House Plans- A Guide

For most of us, home is a dream very close to our heart. We invest almost our entire life to make one house in our lifetime and turn into a home- a haven where we long to come back. Once we start this venture, we want everything to be best- from location to design. In most of the cases, location of a new house depends upon availability or/and convenience, i.e. proximity to your office or kids’ school, but when it comes to design, you can surely do a lot towards it.

The Value of Building Design

Buildings have many functions, making the ability to measure their effectiveness difficult. Building Designers face the challenge of producing a product which is not only structurally adequate for the intended site but also to produce a building which is aesthetically pleasing and practical from the perspective of its intended use. We live on a Planet with finite resources. This is a fact which is impacting our generation more than any that went before us. The construction of buildings consumes vast amounts of resources and energy. The buildings of the future will be designed to minimize the impact on resource use while maximizing product return.