Sustainable Building Design

Sustainable building design is about reducing the impact a building has on its environment. This impact is largely two fold. First there is the the impact resulting from the manufacture of building materials. Secondly, there is the impact associated with the the life of the building. In other words, for every building constructed an area of land is devoid of the capacity to harbor vegetation etc. It is therefore critical that the design process maximizes sustainable principles and minimizes any negative consequences to the environment. Viking West Building Design and Drafting has many years experience in designing buildings that are appropriate for their climate and have minimal environmental impacts.
Sustainable building design for the tropics differs considerably from sustainable building design for temperate areas. The majority of available information on sustainable design has been produced for temperate climates and is not applicable in the tropics. Viking West has built a reputation on harnessing the best of the tropical design principles associated with “Asian Architecture” and incorporating them into modern Australian Building Design. We welcome the opportunity to be of assistance with your project.
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