Building Design That Works

The decision to build is often spawned out of several factors. Those factors can include; the need for more space, a desire to upgrade current facilities and the desire to produce a structure worthy of pride and achievement. Often, the required financial investment is significant and often the real value of the completed project can be compromised by not getting the Design right to begin with. Not only must the project be put together using building materials and construction methods which are in tune with current practices and therefor cost effective.

But, it must also break new ground in terms of taking the unique requirements of every new client and transforming them into something realistically beautiful and practical. Designing and Drafting Darwin Building Projects has its own unique challenges. The structure must be cyclone rated. It must be Energy Efficient and most importantly it must look fantastic and function seamlessly for its intended use. At Viking West we proudly produce Building Design that Works. Here at Viking West Building Design we have years of experience in the design of Buildings. We have a proud record of producing projects that inspire pride. Our portfolio consists of all types of projects; residential, commercial, industrial. We offer premium design and drafting at very competitive rates. Please send us an email for a free consultation/ quote.

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