The Client Comes First

Our aim at Viking West is to Building Design Darwin which are cost effective, beautiful and functional. Because there are numerous ways of achieving this for any one project, the client comes first every time. We take what the proposed owner of the building is imparting and transform it into a project which they can be proud of. Proud, not only to own – but also to have inspired.
At the end of the day, it is the owner/ client that must be the most satisfied with the product. Some clients have a depth of detail they would like included in their design, while others look at our previous projects and are happy for us to advise and produce something that will work based simply upon discussions regarding “what type of things they like”.

Drafting Darwin – The Complete Service

Proper Planning and Design plays a key role in the construction of any building. The Design of a building and the related structural drafting must work together to produce a product which is practical, beautiful and cost effective. Drafting Darwin buildings and Designing structures which are a pleasure to look at and live in is what Viking West Building Design and Drafting pride themselves on. We have many years experience and are constantly updating our portfolio with Designs incorporating the latest Design Trends, Material Innovations and Construction Methods.

Building Design That Works

The decision to build is often spawned out of several factors. Those factors can include; the need for more space, a desire to upgrade current facilities and the desire to produce a structure worthy of pride and achievement. Often, the required financial investment is significant and often the real value of the completed project can be compromised by not getting the Design right to begin with. Not only must the project be put together using building materials and construction methods which are in tune with current practices and therefor cost effective.

Building Design By Viking West

Viking West Building Design and Drafting has a proud track record in Darwin. With many years experience under our belt and a wide variety of as constructed Projects of which we are proud. If you are considering Building, it is very important to get the Design right from the start. Many a Building Project has run overtime and over budget simply because the Drawings were prepared incompetently. Not only must the requirements and wishes of the Owner/ Client be satisfied – But the building must be build-able to industry standards and construction methods that “work” and are cost effective.

Building Design in The Top End

Proper design of buildings for construction in The Top End is imperative. The Climate is hot and humid and the occupants of the structure need to be comfortable. The use of materials orientation and design layout are crucial elements which when combined effectively produce a building of real value. In addition to this, Darwin is subject to cyclonic weather activity during the wet season. At Viking West Building Design and Drafting we pride ourselves on our ability to produce a design which is not only structurally cyclone rated but cost effective to build.